Sunday, November 17, 2013


It's Sunday, which means I'll have the TV on all day so I can drop in on an NFL game here and an NFL game there.  (Right now the Eagles are playing the Redskins, for instance.)  I'm looking forward to tonight's game between the undefeated Chiefs (go Andy Reid!) and the Broncos (oh, Peyton, I love you so--why did you have to go and break my heart by signing with a Denver team?).

Anyway.  There's this attitude about football these days that lots of people have.  Like, if you say to them that you follow football, you might as well say you also follow gladiator matches and you absolutely CANNOT wait until the next truckload of Christians gets dumped into the nearest coliseum.  Honestly, I'll be surprised if football is here in another 100 years.

I understand where this is coming from.  For sure.  As I've said before when we went back to South Bend for my father's induction ceremony and watched various honorees hobble up to the podium,  it was like viewing an instructional video in Health Class about why you SHOULDN'T play football in your youth.

Still.  I enjoy.  And will enjoy.  And if I'd been a guy you can bet I would have been out there playing the game myself.


Bonnie White said...

I'm married to an avid NFL and CFL football fan. I didn't know this for many years - he was a closeted fan but I understand now that he was too busy building a practise. Sunday, Monday and Thursdays he is there in front of the television. His pathetic Edmonton Eskimos elicit his wrathful comments. He's a PM fan too. I like their butts. Don't understand the fun smashing into bodies like that or bouncing off the turf before you are buried under a mountain of bone and brawn. Still, I like their butts.

Melissa Mc said...

I still want to be commissioner of the NFL.

Louise Plummer said...

It's funny you wrote this, because last night at the symphony, which played this marvelous program, I said to Tom, "Gosh, the place is half empty; where is everybody?"

He suggested a football game. I sneered. Lumpen proletariat.

DylanE said...

Instead, you had five mostly wimpy sons who didn't play much (or at all...or well).

James said...

I hope football is around in 100 years, and I hope its still tackle football, not flag football, or pass-ball, or ultimate frisbee. The average life expectancy of an ex-NFL player, however, is remarkably low.

Philsy C said...

I hope football is around in 100 years and it has evolved into some kind of psuedo-gladiatorial contest that involves tigers.