Thursday, November 21, 2013

Chapter Two: more about the earliest years

In this chapter I discuss how my dad coached football and wrestling at Granite High School.  He also taught Drivers' Ed.  Irony!   On weeknights and on the weekends he sold shoes at Sears and worked for the County Rec and also Pete Carlson, teaching kids to swim.  (Side note:  he taught the McCarthy brothers, former owners of the Trib, to swim when they were kids.)  He taught me to swim after hours.  I have memories of him tossing me into the pool and me screeching with laughter.  He also taught me wrestling holds.  He was the holder.  I was the holdee.  All of this was muy hysterically fun as far I was concerned.  I loved me a rough-and-tumble dad.


James said...

I am liking this. My code word to prove I am human is "aphysvi" which kind of correlates to the rough and tumble Dad part.

Emily said...

I love this little tribute to your dad. My dad had similar jobs and also taught me to swim and wrestle.

Melissa Mc said...

Nothing short of awesome.