Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chapter Four: wherein we move south

In this chapter I will discuss how we left Salt Lake for Provo when my dad was made an assistant coach at BYU because Hal Mitchell wanted a Mormon who knew something about the single-wing offense.  I will talk about the birth of my youngest brother who grew up to be one of my best friends.  I will also mention the fact that my grandparents retired and moved from Wyoming to Utah and, in fact, lived a few blocks away from us for awhile.  Once when I was walking to their house, I got beat up by the Jakes' kids who lived around the corner.  They stole my purse with the fake makeup in it.

This taught me an important life lesson.  Never carry a purse with fake makeup in it.  People will beat you up if you do.


Lisa B. said...

The loss of a fake makeup filled purse could scar a girl for life. I am still not over that cloisonné ring that the girl in SLC stole from me, maybe, unless I dreamed that up.

Louise Plummer said...

I skipped the fake make-up period and went straight to real make-up.