Monday, March 19, 2012

Unreasonable Disliking

I'm not sure where or how or why this all started, but I kinda hate Denver. Maybe it's because Denver is always portrayed as looking like what Salt Lake actually looks like or maybe it's because Denver thinks it's way more awesome than Salt Lake is or maybe it's because I hate the way Fox Idiot Sports always assumes I want to watch The Rockies in the summer.

Which I don't.

But the deal is this: I'm just not a Denver fan. So you can probably understand why I'm not happy with my boy Peyton Manning's decision to pack his bags and give Tim ("let's have another freaking public word of prayer in front of the whole world")Tebow a holy run for his money.

Oh, Peyton. Why?


shelley said...

We lived in CO for a couple of years when I was in middle school. Hate the state. Its cold.

James said...
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James said...

I have always felt the same way about Denver. I think my dislike originates from being a Raiders fan (my AFC team) and a Cowboys fan (who beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl)as a child. As I have grown older, I have had no desire to live there. To add to the unreasonableness, I now hate the Cowboys, and I am starting to like the Broncos. I also have felt a draw to Colorado Springs...kind of like I have lived there or something. Maybe Provo is to SLC what Colorado Springs is to Denver.

Sara Z. said...


DylanE said...

Saw a picture, today (which I tried and failed to post here) that showed Tim Tebow praying: Dear Jesus, help us win a Super Bowl. The next picture is him and Peyton talking with Tim saying: "What are you doing here?" and Peyton says "Jesus called."

True dat...still, I hate the Broncos.

Phil Cannon said...

Salt Lake is what people back east think Denver is. :)