Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TRQ and the tattoo

And the story continues.

Apparently after I forwarded my kids the picture of me standing in front of the tattoo parlor, my third son called my dad and told him---hahahahahahahaha--that his mom just had some ink done. By then my brother was at a lacrosse game with my parents who'd made the drive down from St. George to watch a couple of their grandsons play. Apparently my dad thought it would be fun to share the joke with TRQ.

Dad: Yo. Our middle-aged daughter just got a tattoo.

Only TRQ didn't laugh. She went white. She turned to my brother, panic-stricken, and said, "Really? She did that? At the Precious S?"

And my awesome brother went, "Yes. She has a tattoo of everyone's initials now. Except for Quinton's. By the time they got to the "Q," she ran out of arm."


Louise Plummer said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Q said...

Fifth on the charts and number five in your heart! (And nowhere to be found on your arm, apparently.)

Laugh out loud. (Right now I am trying not to write "haha" but I also tend to refrain from "LOL." How do I properly show that I am laughing [because I am]?)

wjmom said...

I'll laugh about the rest of it later. Right now I just can't get past "The Precious Slut." I want that on my headstone!

Dr Write said...

I was hoping your tattoo just said "The Precious Slut."