Monday, March 26, 2012

Summoning forth

I took a walk with my friend Kimberly the other day, and she made a comment that I loved so much. She said she wishes she could summon back to herself all the naps and avocados she rejected as a child.

Naps and avocados. That should be the title of something. A poem. A short story. A song. SOMETHING.

Anyway. I've been wondering what things I've rejected in the past that I would now happily welcome into my life. Here are a few:

--my grandmother's offers to clean stuff
--piano lessons
--my father's parking sticker (I didn't want special privileges back in the day when I had scruples)
--wardrobe advice
--china when I got married
--same goes for silver
--same goes for crystal

Why did I reject the china, silver and crystal? Because I got married in the seventies when we registered for handmade hippie pottery instead. Dude. The seventies were so stupid.

Tell me what you would summon back into your life . . .


James said...
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James said...

I am sure there are other things I would summon forth, but here's a few:
--the last tractor ride at Grandpa Covey's orchard in Holiday.
--The chance to see the Yankess at Yankee Stadium in 1985 (I chose to see Springsteen's Born in the USA Tour in the Meadowlands instead, but unfortunately, the concert was rained out; the game was not).
--and come to think of it, naps and avocados too.

Lisa B. said...

*a few choice but ordinary hours as the mother of my young children

*the chance to see the "Before the Flood" concert of Bob Dylan, which I did not go see because it was on the Sabbath which is holy unto the Lord. What a mistake.

Tiffany said...

*My National Geographic internship. Totally blew it.

*The offer to ghost write a book about a sheep farm on the coast of New Zealand.

*Fancy dishes from my wedding. I exchanged them for...groceries.

*The days when my grandparents were alive. I would interview them for hours if I could. They had such fascinating lives.

Dr Write said...

I agree with Lisa. countless hours of complete mundanity (not a word, apparently) when my son was young and when we used to play hide & seek around the bed and when nothing happened and it was gorgeous
also so many concerts I didn't see...but REM in the student ballroom at U of O in 1986. Yes, 86.

radagast said...

--Every time I said no when asked, "Do you want fries with that?" or "Did you save room for dessert" (Not that there were many, granted, but still)
--Time spent in self-flagellation
--The times I chose sleep over eclipses and meteor showers
--The times I said no to, "Please, daddy! Just ONE more time?!" Would that I could go with them twain.
--Most of the times when I have let fear make a decision for me
--The chance to experience college life and married-with-children life separately
--Time wasted reading Henry James

Amy said...

i love this post. love it.

*naps - i was sorta hoping that desire would go away when my kids grew up.... no?

Louise Plummer said...

Honeybun, you can still buy china, silver and crystal. What would you buy?

I bought my sterling silver with book money.

Donna said...

What would I summon forth?
That perfect, perfect day in Bayview Texas....laying on my back in the grass at my grandmother's house. Looking up at the so blue sky watching the whitest clouds just sail by. The trees were moving just fast enough that you could still see their graceful movement, but not so quickly that it was time to fear a storm coming. Perfect...I am sure I had a coke in a real bottle after that.