Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Words of Wisdom

So when I taught the Boot Camp session of WIFYR last summer, I asked the students to each share a great piece of writing advice, presented in a memorable way. One of the students, Awesome Shar, gave us each a little blank notebook with these two bits written in the front.

"Put it on paper and save it for later. You might be surprised." (Mike Birbiglia)

"A bad something is better than a good nothing." (Somebody) (Who knew what he/she was talking about)

Good advice last summer. Good advice today. I'm gonna get busy now.


Jeanna said...

Ugh. Ironically, I was reading your post as part of my personal writing avoidance method. And now it's prodding me into going and writing at least a bad something. Harrumph.

Jeanna said...

(Ugh, yes. But also thanks!)

Emily said...

Excellent advice. Wish you were doing bootcamp at WIFYR this year and that I was in it.

A girl can dream.