Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Coming-Out-of-My-Cave Day Yo!

As I have VERY TEDIOUSLY AND FREQUENTLY noted I have a hard time during the winter months. I wish I didn't. Winter is beautiful, and besides I don't like being depressed. Imagine!

Anyway, my niece Kelli inadvertently helped me a few years ago when she explained that as a biology major, she and other BYU students went around dragging sleeping bears out of their caves by their hairy ankles to do . . . I can't remember what. Count them? Tag them? On facebook? But whatever. She explained that the bears weren't dangerous when they hibernate and that also they don't really sleep. They just go semi-comatose for awhile: drool, watch a lot of bad TV, eat too many carbs, etc. But when spring hits? Dude! Those mothers are outta the caves!

That's when I just decided to embrace hibernation instead of fighting it like I always do in Jan/Feb. And then when March 15th rolls around, I and my hairy ankles would just POP out of the cave.

So it's March 15th today.

Time to wake up.


Kamp Kyburz said...

Snowshoeing gets me through!

radagast said...

Dude! While you're out, would it kill you to buy a razor--Shick for Lady Bears (I daren't say "sows), perhaps? JK. Well done on your emergence from cave and/or chrysalis. So, does this mean you're dangerous now?

Me, I think I've got a bit more bad TV and carbs in me. Wake me, carefully, on April Fool's Day.

Schill said...

Very Nice meeting you today at Weber State! Thank you for the words of wisdom as we carried your bags into the Student Union Building. Life is beautiful and each day is full of the this Happiness and light you share here.

Brady Schiller

wjmom said...


Lisa B. said...

I am loving the light and warmth (fingers crossed)--it always feels like a surprise and a gift. Glad to hear about your emergence. (breakfast?)