Friday, March 2, 2012

And actually

. . . that previous post was about TRQ. Not TQR. You know how it is. Mothers always make you dyslexic.

Right now Ken and I are at his law conference retreat deal, and we have already embarked upon the heater wars. We have this issue worked out (more or less) in our own home. But when we're in a motel room there's always a fight because I want. it. warm. and. he. wants. it. cold.

It's bad when you wait for your partner to go to bed so you can adjust the thermostat without him seeing you. STILL! LAST MAN STANDING, RIGHT?


Lisa B. said...

hilarious. how cold/warm are we talking? I must know so that I can take sides. but I need all the relevant data, because I'm data-driven like that.

Bob the Woodworker said...

Lisa, I am fairly certain you would be on the Bob side of this dispute. The range is 65 on the low end, 72 on the high. The resolution was to turn the HVAC off. In fairness, the vents felt like they were spewing out air conditioning when I turned the temp to 65, probably because it was warmer than that in the room.

Louise Plummer said...

Tom and I have the same dispute, but I'm definitely on Ken's side on this. I can't stand to feel heat coming out of the vents. Sometimes I stand on the balcony to lower my body temperature.