Monday, March 5, 2012

I'd like to show you a picture

But no one is home to help me upload the image. So yeah. I'm lame.

Anyhoo! Here's a description. Me. In front of a place called "The Precious Slut Tattoo Parlor" in Vegas. (I was only in town mere moments, Donna, otherwise I would have called you!) It was next to a Cuban cafe where my brother took me to eat pork, rice and black beans. He snapped my picture with his iPhone and sent it to my phone. I then proceeded to send it to all my kids just to scare 'em.

Dude. Brothers do not come any better than that. Thanks for the good times, Jimmy!


link2literacy said...

I would think I had stumbled upon the wrong "corner" if I ever saw a picture posted her. Tee hee hee. Wink.

link2literacy said...

"here" - I mean. Partial promises make readers forget silent "e's" - sometimes.

Sara Z. said...

Blog posts about pictures we can't see is gonna be the next big thing!!

Louise Plummer said...

This is the writer's corner after all. Only word pictures required.

Dr Write said...

I so wish you had gotten a secret tattoo.

Donna said...

That is so hysterical,,,,when I saw that you were here, I was "oh no!" .....and then it was seconds I was, "oh, no problem"...our phone call will be epic, nothing in a rush....but understand my grandmother would have loved it if you had called me from in front of the precious slut.
If that isn't a name from a novel that we need to write I will get the tattoo.
I am so proud my fair city has such a classy place of business.