Friday, March 23, 2012

Doppelgangers and so forth

When I lived in London as a 20 year-old student, I went into a local chemist's to pick up some photos I'd had developed, and the shop clerk (who was my same age, height and build, although she did have red hair) gasped when she saw my name and said, "That's my name, too!"

We were delighted with ourselves about this, so we had a nice cheery chat about our lives, which further delighted us because she thought it was cool that a girl named Ann Edwards came from America, and I thought it was awesome that a girl named Ann Edwards came from Ireland. We said good-bye and never saw each other again.

But I think about her sometimes. Did she go back to Ireland? Stay in London? Did she marry? Have children? Get an education? Did she ever wonder if Ann Edwards from America was still alive and possibly having the life she would have had if she were Ann Edwards from America?

Now and then I wonder about the other lives I might have had. Do you? I even envision those other lives running like parallel shadows to my real life here and now, and sometimes I wish I'd get a postcard to update me on the everything that happened instead.


Louise Plummer said...

I think about this when I see the other Louise Plummers on Facebook, one of whom is also from London. Wouldn't be fun to have a party for all the Ann Edwards in the world. I'm sure there plenty

A couple of the Louise Plummers are fatter than I am and this delights me.

Louise Plummer said...

Wow, I think I'm having a stroke.

Emily said...

I don't know anyone else with my name. When I google it, it's just me. So I don't know what this is like. BUT, I do sometimes wonder what my parallel lives are doing right now.

I also am delighted that Louise is delighted to find fat Louise Plummers.

Dr Write said...

I am facebook friends with a Lynn Kilpatrick who writes poems and lives in Liverpool. Luckily, I am the first person who comes up if you Google us, which I think means I win.

Joseph Ramirez said...

Joseph Ramirez is about the most common name in the world... I considered writing under a pen name because of it. But I'm just too dang lazy to keep up such a facade. :) Oh well.