Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road Trip! Road Trip! Road Trip!

My boy Dylan and I are taking off first thing in the morning for a cross country trip to North Carolina. He's on his way to graduate school at East Carolina, so I'm helping him drive his car down there. You guys, it'll be awesome.

Wish us bon voyage. And if we eat anything interesting, I'll for sure let you know.


Lisa B. said...

I hope hope hope for updates! food and the sights and also the food.

James said...

If you go through Oklahoma City, visit Leo's Barbeque, 3631 North Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK. Its fire-pit barbecue served in a former gas station. The Brisket and hot links are especially good. Eat inside and watch them barbeque. If you go through Toledo, try the bagels.

Louise Plummer said...

One of the best times we ever had is when two of our adult sons drove with us to Nova Scotia. We laughed until we peed our pants.

Hope you and Dylan pee your pants.