Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And it has been good times

I sat around this afternoon, listening to Mom and Ava swap stories, some of which began like this: "You remember how Sophie just had that one eye?"

Happy times, people.


Lisa B. said...

I just read this one aloud to J. It's a good one.

James said...

This post is ephick...at least that is what my word verifications says. A few posts ago, you pondered why you write. Here is part of the answer. Patti's, Ava's and one-eyed Sophie have lots of stories, and they need to be told. Those that write need to tell those that don't these ephick stories. They make us, or our day, better.

Donna said...

Oh my gosh!! I love this. In your honor I am going to call Aunt Lavada and Uncle Lewis....he just has the one arm. Lost the other one on an oil rig. True story.
My fear? That we won't have "one eye" stories when we are 90.
But then (wink, wink) we can just make them up!

Lola Granola said...

You made me (i appeared from Jess Lahey's blog) snort. I think I love Wyoming!