Friday, July 8, 2011

For your consideration--a few goals for the month of July

1. Write one picture book rough draft every week.
2. Write at least 250 words daily on the mystery M-F.
3. Free-write (bad) poetry as a way to access possible YA mystery M-F. (Sounds weird, but I do have a plan here.)
4. Write a query letter for a magazine article.
5. Write the column once a week.

Okay. We'll see where that takes us.

And btw it's such a pleasure to read your responses. You inspire me.


Donna said...

what is a picture book?

Lisa B. said...

Nice plan. Impressive. I want to hear you talk about it, for good or ill, if you don't mind.

I am going to rough out a plan for myself. It's time.

Michemily said...

So much easier said than done, isn't it?

Louise Plummer said...

I think I'll fall down and crack a rib instead.