Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Things Right Here, Right Now

Over at High Touch Megastore, Lisa B. shared a lovely list of good things, and I was so taken with her post, I've decided to do the same thing. Here goes.

Daily walks in the first light of morning.

Warm apricots.

A flood of daisies in my front yard.

Phone calls from my boys. From my husband, too.



Happy news. Niece Kelli is engaged.

Cold Dr. Pepper in a can. Nachos!

The view of the mountains from 11th Avenue.

Family and friends who inspire. Thanks, Lisa B!


Lisa B. said...


and warm apricots YES. Also: daisies and nachos. The light. So much that's good.

and again, xo.

Louise Plummer said...

A swarm of dragonflies. The bagpipes. A girl dancing on the lawn. A fiddler. A sudden rain shower and a perfect rainbow. And You.

James said...

A hummingbird flitting over sagebrush so close that you could touch it.

A road runner closely followed by a rabbit darting across the trail into Pittman wash. Looney tunes in real life.

Family fun.

Donna said...

sitting by a stream with my son Friday talking about nothing.
Driving home with my daughter from Cedar hearing all about her life, her loves, her hopes....and trying so hard not to sob.
Listening to my son give a talk in his ward on pioneers and realize he was talking about me.
Being thanked by my bishop....from his heart.
wearing two different shoes to church......showing them to everyone and loving hearing them roar!
Bach and Willie Nelson