Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's been a week since I've posted? Apparently I took an unscheduled, unplanned blogging vacay.

I subbed for Margaret at TKE today and read a lot of new picture books, which leads me to make this observation. One of the cardinal rules of writing picture books is this: EDITORS DO NOT ACQUIRE PICTURE BOOK TEXTS THAT RHYME. Rhyme = Satan. Or so the axiom (which you hear at every writers conference in the world) goes.

But here's the deal. Over half the new books I read today were in verse. And they were fun to read, too!

Yes. I know.


candace said...

Oh wow! That's great news for me! That is, if I ever get around to submitting my manuscript...

radagast said...

I was gonna say! But glad you're back. Oh, and, Satan = Hatin'.