Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whatcha whatcha whatcha want?

I (and the Beastie Boys) have been busy asking myself that question lately. Hey, thanks for your interest, Beastie Boys! You guys are awesome!

Anyway. I've especially asked this question in regards to my writing life lately, and of course there are some things that immediately jump to mind. A lovely three-book contract with lots of money involved and also a movie deal on the side. NOT TOO SHABBY.

But that's just dreaming. And the truth is all that might not make me as happy as I think it would, although I would love to buy a new dress for opening night. So what do I really want? That I have actual control over?

The writing part, probably. I can do that. I think I'll use the next few days to set some goals, and that will feel fine.


radagast said...

So, why do you want to write?

wjmom said...

It makes me smile to think of you jammin' with the Beastie Boyz. And cupcakes. There should definitely be cupcakes.

Lisa B. said...

You and the Beastie Boys: epic summer combo.

Can't wait to hear about those writing goals--I'm having a little trouble getting very motivated, myself.

SWILUA said...

Make one of your goals to come chat about writing with me cuz dude: we need to talk. xoxok

Chunks said...

You'll be my date when our first mother-son joint becomes an animated smash hit! [:)]} Love ya!

BTW, have you heard the new Beastie's joint? Really, how do those guys "rock so well"?

Donna said...

The Infinite Power of Hope (Nov 08) that and then go make some powerful goals.

And watch them all happen.

Why not, right?

And after you read about my recent exploits in your home town you will know why I now sign myself,
Lucy and Ethal.....or Ethel?