Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And this is what we ate and drank today

1. Bits of the 1 pound dark chocolate bar from Trader Joe's that Jamie left in my box at TKE (thanks, Jamie!)
2. Sesame nut mix
3. Three Muskateers bar
4. Caramel Milky Way bar
5. Potato chips
6. Frosties from Wendy's
7. Can you see why I gain a lot of weight on road trips?
8. Chicken nuggets from Wendy's
9. A lot of Dr. Peppers

AND an awesome Thai meal at the Blue Orchid in Lincoln, NB. Dylan met up with an old page friend who took us to the Blue Orchid, and the people it was fabulous. Then we drove past Ken's old home on Orchard Street and took pictures.


Lisa B. said...

Thank the Lord for Dr Pepper. And potato chips. But also for a good Thai restaurant, because truthfully, you always reach a point with potato chips where they become the enemy of your mouth, but you nonetheless can't stop eating them? Unless, of course, you run into a restaurant, which will put a stop to the potato chip's relentless assault on your mouth and also your will to live. THANK GOD for restaurants. Thai restaurants, especially, and especially when you're on a road trip.

(also, thank the Lord for your update, because I was about to expire from the lack of update!)

wjmom said...

Ugh. I do NOT want to be stuck in a car with you OR your wonderful son tomorrow, because I feel fairly certain that your stomach WILL rebel. Good luck with that.

P.S. Why do I think of you whenever I go to Liberty Park?

James said...

Great times. The cause of your snoring is the Wendy's Chicken nuggets.