Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thanks for your responses, guys, (and, Radagast, thanks for the question that took us all down this road).

I came to the whole blogging thing kind of late, actually--which is my usual m.o. when technology is involved. In fact, Lisa B. was the one who inspired me to start one of my own. And I'm glad I did. I use my blog as a sketchbook--capturing ideas and impressions as they flit past my brain. Occasionally I've taken these posts and turned them into columns. Mostly it's just been fun to get stuff down and to hear your responses.

Here's what else I've enjoyed--visiting YOUR blogs. I feel like we're engaging in "morning talk"--the kind of funny, chatty, intimate, nothing's-off-limits conversations you have when you're out walking with a best friend at the crack of dawn. A blog is a natural venue for this kind of fresh,off-the-cuff writing, right?

I do think fb and Twitter have siphoned off some of the energy that has gone into blogging. And who knows? Maybe in ten years blogs will have disappeared from our popular cultural landscape, not unlike eight-track tapes. I hope not, though. Truly.


Becca said...

And in a way, blogs are even better than crack-of-the-morning walks, because... you don't even have to know if I brushed my teeth yet.

wjmom said...

The very best part of blogging has been "meeting" new friends. Thank you for blogging.

Anonymous said...

I love the versatility of blogging - NO word limits. Can say it in 50 or 500 words. AND I love your blog and when you visit my blog and leave a comment and stuff. Hint. Hint. =)

Jessica Lahey said...

...and that's why you are firmly established at in the favorites blogroll. Who the hell cares when you came to it when you rock at it. xoxo

Sarah said...

I hope not, too. I go through blog reading & writing phases for sure, but would be sad to see the delightful spots go away. I don't comment on here much, but know that I feel that way about your Corner.

I'd love to share my blog with you (yes I'm one of those private, neurotic, nobody-read-my-thoughts-unless-I-know-you people), if you feel so inclined I will send you an invitation! Because I like you, Ann Cannon.