Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Park sightings

This morning while I was running, I saw a man I often see--a short, square (actually stocky is a better word) Latino man wearing a pair of tight jeans, a zip-up windbreaker and an adjustable golf hat which seems like a sensible outfit if you're going to a football game in November. But here's the deal, this guy runs in that outfit. And he doesn't just run. Dude totally books it. Like, he has little clouds of speediness trailing him as he roars around the park. He's my favorite sighting.

Of course it must be said that I've turned into a sighting, too, because sometimes I rip off my shoes and run barefoot. I know. This information makes some people want to throw up in their mouths a little. Running barefoot? In a public park? But you guys, it feels awesome.

It feels like being a kid again.


wjmom said...

I ran barefoot in Sugarhouse Park on Friday. Glorious!

Emily said...

Hm. Barefoot. I do love the camaraderie of the morning run. You see these same people everyday, offer a 'mornin', see them again the next day and the day after that...but never know their name.

Love it.

Lisa B. said...

AWESOME. But I am a little afraid of the barefoot thing--(me about to become your mom--wait for it--)--aren't you worried about broken glass? and germs?

James said...

Two thoughts:

1)Wasn't barefoot in the park a movie?

2)Last month going into the Courthouse, I was behind a man who apeared to be a "Bloods" gang member. The man in front of him had to take off his sandals go through security barefoot. The gang member looked at me and said: "Dats how you get Staphlycoccus."

Congratulations on starring in your own movie version of barefoot in the park, but be careful of the staphlycoccus.

Louise Plummer said...

Barefoot in the Park. Of course, you feel like a kid again. Kids don't care about dog turds either.

LucindaF said...

I'm dry-heaving, thank you very much. I gained a grass phobia, specifically wet grass phobia, during one of my pregnancies. Also a dog poop phobia. So I'm with Louise, yucky. But since you joy in it, more naked feet on grass to you.

Who can book it in tight jeans? Not me, nor do I look fashionable.

Sid said...

Sometimes at work I go outside and walk through the grass barefoot at lunchtime. It's helps the stress go away.

Donna said...

love those sightings and what our imaginations can conjure up...I just love it!!