Monday, August 8, 2011

As per Emily's request!


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Amy said...

As a young mother dropping dead from exhaustion every day, I LOVE this column. Even if I hate the "enjoy it while you can" advice. My mom-heart aches for yours because the thought of my baby boy leaving forever and never sluffing again makes me cry. But only in the happiest way.

Louise Plummer said...

I'd like to request that you post your column every week. I forget to look online and then end up reading five at a time when I remember.

This post is all too true. Lately, when one of my sons is completely irritated with his young son, I say, "This is his only childhood."

I'm sure he wants to kick me until I'm dead.

Anna said...

Two summers ago I was working in my garden, pulling weeds, thinking about my parents' impending departure for their mission and how much I was going to miss them. As a giant tear started to roll down my face I started thinking about my fourteen-year-old son who would be leaving in five years on his mission. I was already missing him terribly. I'm glad no one came out to witness me blubbering amongst the beans and tomatoes over something that was five years away. What a beautiful column today.

And ditto to what Louise said about posting a link to your column every week!

Lisa B. said...

Here's the thing. My daughter is leaving tomorrow morning to go to LOUISIANA, which, is that even in America? I don't think so, actually. And I feel you, my sister. I feel you.

I second Louise's request. I was busy shredding pork for pulled pork for a party to see her off on Saturday and thus did not read one tiny shred of the newspaper. So I'm very very pleased to read your column now, on the eve of her departure.

Becca said...

Love, love. This is perfect. And I've found myself lately telling my "little mamas" - the ones in the trenches of dirt and diapers and whatnot - that the days are long. The nights are long. But the years are so, so short.

(When did I become my mother?)

Donna said...

I love being able to get to your column from here. It is sort of like asking someone to bring you the remote....because you just can't get up off the couch.
And seriously, how do we survive this "leaving mom" thing?

Emily said...

First of all, wow! I made your blog, even a title line. I am the girl from WIFYR who has a healthy writing crush on Ann Cannon.

And secondly, that column was just what I need. I am currently one of those mothers who is completely depleted at the end of each day. I need to suck it up, cause you're right--it's going to be gone.

And then I get to do what I want when I want to, right?

And third, I hope that your son followed through on his plan. If not, I think he should seriously consider cutting a day or two in grad school.

Tiffany said...

This column made me cry. In the good way. Thank you.