Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yeah, I'm old like that

You know how old people always go, "Well, back in MY day"? I had that kind of moment when Al was out here visiting this summer. We were talking about how the Obama campaign has decided to go after Romney by making him look weird (I heard this on MSNBC so it must true, okay?). Specifically, they're gonna bring up the fact that the Romneys used to put the dog carrier (with the dog inside) on top of the family car whenever they went on trips. (Discuss amongst yourselves--on a Weirdness Scale from 1-10, how weird is this really? I will say when I was a kid I would have much rather been in a dog carrier on top of the car then in the back seat with my brother, John, who put his scary bare feet all over me for torture purposes.)

Anyway. Al and I--animal lovers both--discussed how some people are a leetle crazy when it comes to their pets. Then I went on to say and YEAH, some people are also a leetle crazy when it comes to their kids, too. Like, they don't let their kids go outside unless they're wearing goggles and helmets and have 911 on speed dial and so forth. What's wrong with parents these days?

What I didn't notice is that I was the only one having this conversation. Finally, Al said, something like oh RIGHT, Mom, it's a really bad idea for parents to protect their children, isn't it?

Okay. Point well-taken.

Meanwhile, Al and his adorable wife Randi write a very funny blogthemselves. I especially love the Skymall post, and I sprayed Dr. Pepper through my nose when I read about "Wunchiesville."


James said...

Thanks for the post. It is the perogative for each generation to think another generation doesn't know "jactshm" about parenting. (note: jactshm was the word verification word, and I felt obliged to share.)

Anonymous said...

There are so many points I love in this post as well as James' comment. Don't have time to address them all, and so I'm going to talk about how I love word verification creations. At one point I made a list of my favs but misplaced the list. However, I did use a recent one as the name for my main character in my 50-word dystopian story.

"Jactshm" is one worth adding to my new list.

Thanks Ann and James. This is "Agollo" signing off. (My nom de plume as inspired by this word verification! =)

Emily said...

I agree. I try not to keep my children safe. It's character-building for them to have a little risk in their lives.

Seriously though, I think that kids are capable of doing many things that parents deem 'unsafe.'

Plus, I agree about the animal thing. People are CRAZY about their pets.

P.S. Your son and daughter-in-law have excellent taste in television.

Anne said...

You added a link! You go girl!