Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And here's what the swimming pool sign said

So there was a sign on the pool gate at our motel in Missouri that said NO GASOLINE ALLOWED IN POOL AREA. Which I found disturbing, because I didn't understand. At all.

Hello! I know they do things differently in this part of the country, like deep-fat fry Thanksgiving turkeys out in the garage, for instance. And I am very accepting of regional differences such as Thanksgiving turkeys you fry in your garage. In fact, I embrace these kinds of differences, even if people accidentally blow up their garages and so forth, because I am way, way tolerant.

BUT. Gasoline at swimming pools? WHAT? Apparently it's a problem, though, because I saw the sign right there and everything this morning. Except as I got a little closer, I realized the sign actually said NO GLASSWARE ALLOWED IN POOL AREA.

So. Never mind. Obviously.


James said...

I enjoy reading about your travels. So we're clear. If I am in Missouri, is it ok then to take gasoline in the pool area?

I was thinking that maybe the gasoline was dangerous for the pet Deer in the pool wait, that is Louisiana.

CSIowa said...

If you have never eaten a deep-fried turkey, you should watch for an opportunity. My sister's neighbor in Kansas did one for her one time when we visited for Thanksgiving (after their own was finished). The turkey has to be smallish to fit inside the fryer, so we actually had two different turkeys--one roasted and one deep-fried. It's quite decadent and delicious. A friend of mine in Iowa had their peanut oil catch on fire once when they were deep-frying, but they were smart enough to have the fryer outside in the snow instead of in their garage. There was no gasoline involved--or glassware.