Saturday, August 13, 2011

le voila

Well, look at this! The second week in a row!

Click here.


Louise Plummer said...

Ooh, I love this list. It's all true. But nothing's truer than m&ms going down before apples. Apples go down when there's nothing sugary left.

hkgrobinson said...

Just did the same trip, but ours ended in Massachusetts. Oh, and I had five kids in the car. Oh, and I was the only driver. But your article is absolutely right. America is beautiful...and most people are really nice...even when you see they want to say something about how crazy you must be to have 5 children and then actually TRAVEL with them. We missed out on maple-bacon shakes. We at peanut butter taffy and lobster. YAY!

Lisa B. said...

I envy you the cross country trip, especially with your son. What a treat. I love the big wide open road and all its wonders. Glad to hear about it, too, and also glad you're back. Thanks for the excellent list.