Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And so we say good-bye to Q

Well, it's certainly been a time of transition at la Casa de Cannon. Everyone is moving on. Today I followed Quinton up to Logan to help him move in, which is where our story begins.

When we arrived, I realized Q had basically tossed stuff into his car rather than into boxes or suitcases. He just had a car full of posters and clothes and incense and bike crap all jumbled up like a big old freshman boy tossed salad. And so I went, "Q! WHAT? Didn't you know this is why boxes were invented? So tired moms with no stomach muscles due to giving birth repeatedly don't have to walk up four flights of boy dorm stairs 1,000 times instead of just 5 or 6 times?"

But also I was having this thought: where THE HELL was that boy's mother when he needed her? For sure she wasn't overseeing the packing part. And why was that? Because in many ways Q. has been an adult from Day One. Like, I'm pretty sure he had facial hair when he was born. As a result, sometimes I've just forgotten that he's only 18. Eighteen and fabulous. Even if he doesn't know about boxes.

Man, I am gonna miss him.


CSIowa said...

My 18-year-old daughter has been gone all summer on study abroad in China. She came home a week ago and then left shortly thereafter for one last hurrah at the beach with relatives before she heads off to college in a week and a half. The day after she left for the beach I went downstairs and found her formerly spotless room covered in clothes and a few odd housewares. There wasn't a square inch of carpet to be seen. I'm not sure whether it will look much better when she's finished packing, but now I know to be grateful that she has mentioned boxes recently, and that she owns her own suitcase.

Lisa B. said...

Dang. I hate the missing them part. But in this post I loved the

>>like a big old freshman boy tossed salad.

part and also the

>>tired moms with no stomach muscles due to giving birth repeatedly

part, because sister, I feel ya.

Erin said...

I can just imagine what his car looked like. It must be sad to have everyone gone. At least you have a dog that weighs more than some of your sons. :)

Emily said...

I love this! My children are FAR from leaving for school, but I know exactly which ones will pack with boxes and which ones won't.

It's funny how these things are evident almost at birth.

Chunks said...

I'll miss a lot about Q being at home, but mostly I'll miss the sounds and the smells. The sound of a whaling guitar kicking out some seriously kick-ass riffs somewhere in the nether regions of the house. The sometimes subtle aroma of hippie. He couldn't have asked for a better Mom, and neither could I. Love ya!

JoJoDancer said...

Wow, Ann. I met you just after Quinton was born. Has it been that long?? I feel tired suddenly.

Jo Ann W

Louise Plummer said...

The missing them doesn't stop. Lovely post.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before - "Nobody says it better" - to be sung to Carly Simon's more popular version "Nobody DOES it Better."

Hugs Ms. Empty Nester (at least for the moment)

Sid said...

Stop it! Just when I think I'm all grown up and won't cry because he went off to school, you go and write this..... My 22 year-old still hasn't discovered the magic of boxes. He did finally discover grocery bags as he was packing to head up to USU last week.