Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New YA novel alert!

First, snaps to Lisa B. for introducing me to the hysterically funny website Day in and day out, creators Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan bring the crazy and make me happy to be alive. Thanks for that, ladies!

And second, their debut YA novel SPOILED appears on bookstore shelves everywhere today. It's a mighty fun read--sort of what you would expect (in fuggirl talk) if CLUELESS and PARENT TRAP got together and had a baby.

Meanwhile I am reading manuscripts for the upcoming WIFYR conference, and I am impressed. I hope with all my heart that I'll be announcing the publication births of those books one day, too.


Anne said...

I'm excited for WIFYR!

Donna said...

good morning my great things today..

Tiffany said...

Go Fug Yourself was one of my first and favorite blogging loves. I'm excited to read their novel as soon as Amazon can get it to me!