Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So I posted this already on facebook but maybe not here? We have a new dog! A two year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel who's already housebroken and knows which fork to use at fancy dinners. He came with the name Roland, which we changed to Holmes.

Here's the thing. He may be the most genuinely sweet-natured dog I've ever met. Example. Ken always gives Zora a bowl of milk after he eats his cereal, but since Holmes needs to drop an lb. or two, Ken's decided not to share the milk love with him just yet.

Anyhoo. When Holmes sees the milk, he wags his tail and goes, "Yay! Milk!" And then when he realizes he's not getting any, he wags his tail and goes, "Yay! Not milk!"

See what I mean about sweet?


LucindaF said...

Oh, I can't wait to hug him and love him. His breed sounds so fancy, which I guess has something to do with him knowing which fork to use. What a good boy.

Hope the rest of the zoo welcomes him with open arms, and wings, and paws, and fins.

DylanE said...

That's why dogs are the greatest! What's a dog's favorite thing? Whatever is going on, right now. Ooh, food, I love food! Ooh, walks, I love walks! Ooh, naps, I love naps! Ooh, the couch, I love the couch! Ooh, the floor, I love the floor!

Lisa B. said...



I'm just saying.

AnnMarie said...

Anytime he can tear himself away from 221b Baker Street, there is a fancy lady dog who would love to socialize.

So happy for you all.

radagast said...

Ha! Dogs.