Monday, May 2, 2011


I heard from a reader today that celebrating Osama bin Laden's death lowers us to his level. And, actually, I think he's sort of right. But I will say this. I am happy the bastard is dead. And there it is.


wjmom said...

I agree. With both of you.

The Dixon Family said...


LucindaF said...

He killed my best friend's husband. Stamped hatred onto a mostly peaceful religion. (All have fanatics.) Took away many of our rights to privacy. Divided America from other countries with a razor sharp knife.

His body is dead.
But you cannot put airplanes in reverse.

BBB said...

It was very strange for me to feel such happy feelings about someone being killed. The first time in my life I've experienced that. I agree that we should be careful in the way we express our happiness and relief that he was killed.