Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wherein I give an example of irony

So yesterday I discovered one of my parakeets had gotten her talon wedged between a cage bar and the water dish. In a frantic effort to free herself, she broke her leg . . . poor thing. I managed to set the bird free (it wasn't easy! there was blood! mine!) and immediately rushed her to the vet to see if he could do something for her.

Anyway, on my trip to the vet's where I would possibly spend a billion dollars to save a parakeet, I made a mental list of all the crap I had to do yesterday, including meal preparation and I decided to make . . . you know . . . a chicken dish for dinner.

Oh, America. What a country you are!

1 comment:

Louise Plummer said...

Could the vet do anything for a broken parakeet leg? A small plaster of paris cast? An orthopedic boot? Holy water?