Friday, May 20, 2011

Some thoughts on this season's finales

Oy! I can't believe what a TV-watcher I've turned into. But whatever. That's what it's there for.

Anyhoo, I feel the need to comment on how my fave shows with my BTVFFs are wrapping up, so here goes.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT CASTLE: Sometimes this show's alternating jokey/serious tone doesn't work for me, so I felt like the decision to go for full-broke intensity this time was a good one.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT CASTLE: I hate it when (Spoiler Alert!) a character we've grown to respect and count on turns out to be the bad guy. Not that the chief was a true bad guy, but still. His criminal involvement felt like a cheap plot trick. AND NOW HE'S DEAD.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT NSIC: Well, Mark Harmon, of course. I know he's getting older but so am I, which is why we suit. Also, I'm glad we've seen the last of that other team that was getting in the way the last few episodes.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: No complaints, actually, although I wish Ziva would use contractions when she talks sometimes. Lady! Your speech is so stilted! I know you're an Israeli and all, but COME ON! It's not against your religion to say can't instead of cannot!

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE GOOD WIFE: This is just a smart, well-written and well-acted show. The courtroom drama about a dirty judge was just great.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: I know I'm supposed to want Will and Alicia to do it. But . . . I don't know. Also, I just want her and Kalinda to be friends again.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT MODERN FAMILY: Every. Last. Little. Detail. It's always a good thing when Phil breaks out his old cheerleading moves, don't you think?


WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE OFFICE: I don't even care about The Office anymore. I hope that doesn't happen to me with MF, you know?

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE MENTALIST: That Grace's scumbag fiance got killed.

WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE ABOUT THE MENTALIST: Jane shot Red John? In the food court? At the mall? Will he have to dial in his appearances from prison next season? Aargh.

That's it. Those are my shows. I don't watch much on the weekends except for baseball and true crime stories wherein, as Alec noted on fb, the husband always did it.


James said...

I really only watch about 3 or 4 shows on a semi-regular basis, and 3 of them are on your list. I like Castle, Modern Family, and my favorite, The Good Wife. Cam coming through, or not, the glass and then screen door was brilliant was favorite moment in Finale season.

Lisa B. said...

I also stopped caring about The Office, except: if you also stopped *watching*, you missed some good stuff in the last half of the season. I'm telling you. Also, Dwight became interim MANAGER for the last was everything you hoped for and more.

Lisa B. said...

Also, no 30 Rock? we missed whatever was on last night because we were at the Theater. That's right. The Theater. I couldn't tell last week if that was the season finale, or if there was more.

LucindaF said...

From time to time I would catch the Mentalist. Jane's predictable traps within traps started to annoy me. I did catch the last half last night. I think Grace is going to have some issues after killiing her predictable bad guy boyfriend. And I knew the whole time Jane had a gun in his pocket. I've missed pretty much this whole season. So it was weird that I could still see it all. Red John is dead. Now what?

Mystery Girl said...

Watched Castle finale yesterday knew one character was going but those last five minutes. Arrgh! Now I have to wait till September but that 'pffft' sounded terminal to me.

Randi said...

Hahahaha! I too have been watching way too much tv lately...

Anonymous said...

NCIS and GOOD WIFE are my favorites, too. Because G.E. and I are gone so much, we like our Friday date-night IN, and BLUE BLOODS is a new fav even though it stars a pretty old, hairy guy who still manages to make me weak in the knees. (Flash those dimples, Tommy.)

Which reminds me: Do you know how many cop shows have/had the word "blue" in them? NYPD BLUE; HILL STREET BLUES; and now BLUE BLOODS. No wonder I can't remember the title. I had to google it so this lengthy response made sense.

Love ya as always!

Anne said...

Oh Hill Street Blues...I loved that one.

radagast said...

"They'll mock you with cruel and rhythmic taunts."

Donna said...
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Donna said...

Isn't it interesting the tool so many books, movies and television shows use of making us wait for the beautiful couple to get together? And we always are breathless that they won't get together.
and isn't there that little sadness when they do get together? Because instead of the energy that goes into flirting and always looking good. They will have to worry about toothpaste tops and finding out he is lactose intolerant. I loved going on the journey with Castle and Kate...I haven't enjoyed
Will and Alicia getting together. color me dull, but it was more interesting for me to see her actually forgive her husband and keep her family together. Wow, I wrote enough for a blog...sorry.