Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Physical Graffiti

No. This isn't a Led Zeppelin post, although I love Led Zeppelin.

This is about how Kathy and I have been seeing Graffiti-with-a-Twist on our walks early in the morning. Someone has taken to writing haiku-length poems in colored chalk on the sidewalks of the Lower Avenues. When I pointed at one yesterday, Kathy said she'd already noticed. She was especially interested in what nice handwriting the vandal has.

My Kathy. Always the first-grade teacher!


James said...

This Morning I see
Neatly chalked haiku’d sidewalks--
Such nice young vandals

Kallie said...

You should write a collection of interesting things you see on your morning walks. You could call it... "Walking the Avenues" or "If the Avenues Could Talk". I think it would do quite well. I have only every driven through the Avenues... but it seems like a really interesting and magical place to live. I love all the homes and personalities you see there. Next time Josh and I (and the little man!!!!!!!!) are in Utah, I would like to invite myself over to your home. I'm told it is decorated AMAZINGLY! and that you have the most impressive doll collection.

Donna said...

I am sitting here resting for a moment...when I saw your post was physical graffiti I thought you were going to talk about what I have evidently done to my body....I am getting older, so the long walks and yard work speak to me a bit louder...and are definitely written on the new activity I engage in called, "getting up from the chair."
Oh my.....

Sherpa said...

You should bring with you
a camera so we can see
haiku on sidewalks