Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Soliciting suggestions for SF

Q. and I are headed to San Francisco for a few days, after which we will meet the others of our tribe on the beach in So Cal where hopefully no one will get stung by stingrays this year.

ANYWAY. Any suggestions of things to do or eat while we're in the city by the bay?


LucindaF said...

For one, we've learned that you do not pee on a sting-ray wound. Jelly-fish is another story. Also, watch out for sharks. I hate those guys. And I don't trust sealions, I mean, they're part lion. Eels are quite freaky. Spider crabs are awesome to look at, but they're legs are so spindly and long and what if it pinched you and touched you with those leggy things? Sea Urchins are nasty on the feet. Did I mention sharks? Oh, and the riptide, been caught in that before and it's quite distressing.

You know, the dry sand is a nice place as long as the sand fleas aren't abundant and the beach isn't littered with decaying seaweed which inevitably is accompanied by swarms of flies.

Indoors is a good place for you. Just stay in there. Play some cards, and beat your dad once for me. I know you've got a mean poker face.

Okay, okay, have a great time, enjoy the sun and the sea and the scent of citrus. Wish i were a foodie so I could help you on that front.

Anchely said...

Rent a bike and ride it across the Golden Gate Bridge.

James said...

1. Scomas. I suggest the Lazy Man's Cioppino
2. Hunan Home Diner
3. Fisherman's Grotto #9--order from sidewalk vendor. We like to get a cup of Clam C and a either a crab or shrimp sandwich on a torpedo roll and go watch people
4. Ferry Building Marketplace has lots of good places to eat, and you get to go to Boccalone and its tasty salted pig parts.

1. the usuals, like Coit tower, ride cable cars, Redline boat tour of the bay, Pier 39 shops
2. Ride the F line bus/trains
3. Visit the Catholic Church near the SF MOMA
4. The SF MOMA
5. Catch a Giants Game if they are in town (Yankees?)
6. Drive down Broadway and close your eyes
7. Go see Brett Lovelady (The nations best industrial designer) at Astro Design Stuidios.
8. Visit the Marin Headlands and the Battery up there.
9. Sausilito
10. take the BART inland to the Nut Tree for Hard Taff suckers

Basically, make it your goal to Eat Well and Have Fun. I think
SF is up to the task.

James said...


Scomas: Al Scoma Way, San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 771-4383

Hunan Home's Restaurant: 622 Jackson St (Kearney Street)
San Francisco, CA 94133

I am not sure they have lunch at Hunan, and you may have to stand in line. Its in Chinatown.

JulieD said...

My favorite things in my favorite city?
Chef Jia's in Chinatown (on Kearney Street, I believe)
Ride the ferry to Alcatraz
Museum: The Legion of Honor in Golden Gate Park (and really anything in Golden Gate Park)
Have you told you in the last two days that I'm JEALOUS? :)

Kim said...

My Dad's from there and he always took us to Fentons Creamery and Restaurant. 4226 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611-4749. So many great memories. The shakes are amazing.

The other place he would take us is Kasper's Hot Dogs, but their website says they're closed for maintenance now.

Maddie said...

Slanted Door at the Ferry Building. Try their clay pot chicken and cellophane noodles with crab meat.
Really this is a must. call for reservations.

Donna said...

Wharf.......simply go to the wharf and have fish....and sourdough bread...turn around at the wharf and eat chocolate...find a dog wearing glasses and a suit and have your husband take a picture with them,,,,do not forget to tip...
your welcome