Thursday, June 23, 2011

What We Did Today, Pt. 2

1. Started the day off with Nutella crepes
2. Also a Dr. Pepper!
3. Headed on over to AT & T Park
4. Had one of those spontaneous heart-to-hearts you sometimes have with strangers on a train--this stranger's name was Jasper, he's 74, his parents were born in Sicily, he was born in Cheyenne, and most of his aunts and uncles are dead now
5. Watched Tim Lincecum strike out twelve players
7. (We were the ones eating Gilroy Garlic Fries) (Not Tim)
8. Went to the Wharf
9. Watched seals lolling about on Pier 39
10. Those seals reminded us of our big brown newfie, Zora
11. Went to Scoma's and had GREAT food--chowder and halibut for me, pasta for the vegetarian person
12. Caught the cable car and rode to Lombard Street
13. But first listened to a guy playing Led Zeppelin tunes on a banjo
14. Walked down curvy Lombard Street and marveled at the hydrangea shrubs in bloom
15. Eventually made our way back to the hotel
16. Where we are now watching TV

Such a great day!


Anne said...

Love It!!!!!

Donna said...

no dogs with glasses? wow...did you see the mime? Right across the street from your hotel room..white face, dark clothes...keeps trying to get out of a box.
Hey seriously? Enjoy yourself...every second, OK?

Lisa B. said...

this sounds like a pretty amazing day, especially those garlic fries omg. I wish I had some right this MINUTE.

James said...

Great Stuff.