Sunday, June 5, 2011

A thought

So I have this big sprawling hairy dopey orange oriental poppy that is taking over my front yard. I've tried pulling it up year after year, but it always comes back, so I've just said FINE. Whatever. YOU WIN, BIG SPRAWLING HAIRY DOPEY ORANGE ORIENTAL POPPY! Because you know what? If something wants to BE that badly, then I probably oughta just let that thing be.

It's a tricky life act--trying to figure out when to do battle and when to surrender.


Erin said...

I was at a garden shop on Friday and they had this huge orange poppy that was dominating everything in its area. I totally thought of you and your yard.

SWILUA said...

I kinda like dopey poppies.

But I had to do the same accepting thing with the Star of Bethlehem in my backyard. It just wins.

wjmom said...

Four o'clocks. Four o'clocks are taking over the world--er--my front yard.

Anne said...

I have one too. Once, a few years ago, my sister was working in my yard and I saw that she was transplanting some of the poppies to other spots in my yard. She's no longer with us.