Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Making A Writer's Life

So last night at the WIFYR mingle at The King's English (I love you, The King's English), Claudia Mills and I had a conversation that inspired me. (Not unusual to have that type of conversation with Claudia. She IS inspiring.) Here's what we decided.

1. While publishing is very nice, of course, you can have a satisfying writer's life w/o it. You can go on writing retreats with writer friends. You can join and enjoy critique groups. You can host a reading. In other words, you can introduce those parts of a writer's life you think would be fun into your own life.

2. And speaking of fun, what's the point if it isn't? There are published authors (with a LOT of titles even) who can still grumble with great bitterness, "Look at everything I've done and what did it get me?" Where's the joy in that?

Let's have fun, you guys.


Becca said...

I love this attitude. I want it. So I'm stealing your big ideas and claiming them as my own. Hope your writers' week is awesome.

(Also - my boy has been on the couch since 6:05 this morning devouring Chihuahua Chase. Many grins. Thanks for that.)

candace said...

Hey Ann--do you know of any local writing critique groups that would take on a beginner such as myself??

are you going to the SPJ award dinner on Friday?

Sherpa said...

What a great attitude for writers.

Tiffany said...

I so needed this. Thanks.