Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What We Did Today

1. Flew into Oakland
2. Passed the Coliseum on the way into town and went really? The Raiders play THERE?
3. Found our adorable little hotel which feels very European
4. Strolled through Chinatown
5. Ate a good lunch at the Nanking Restaurant
6. Quinton said he's never had better tofu
7. Dude would know about tofu
8. I bought a lavender jade bangle and Q bought flamboyant hippie beads
9. Looked at the Hungry I from the outside as I mentioned to Q that Barbra Streisand used to sing there
10. And actually I have no idea if this is true or not, but my parents used to tell us this whenever we drove through San Francisco
11. Speaking of which, I am sometimes kind of amazed at how uninterested my parents were in censoring what we saw as we drove through San Francisco. Hello! I was nine!
12. But I truly don't say this as a criticism
13. Meanwhile, Q and I took the cable car to the wharf
14. Were thrilled to know that the bush guy is still there, terrorizing unsuspecting tourists
15. Also saw a herd of segways, which is always good for a laugh
16. Returned via a street car
17. Ate pizza (Q) and chicken (Not Q)
18. Went to a fancy mall on Powell and determined that no matter how inspired the architecture, all malls feel depressingly the same
19. In for the night . . . phew! We're beat!


Donna said...

have you found the dogs with glasses yet? They should be by the corner near the man who makes balloon animals and the break dancers. And when that pesky mime gets on your last nerve....well,Mimes are a terrible thing to waste.

Lisa B. said...

sounds so fun! parenthetically, I hate tofu. segways are inherently hilarious. It's the way they lean into the ride. in conclusion, lavender jade bangle! (the name of your new indie girl band, perhaps?)

Anonymous said...

To Queen Donna - LOVED the pun!

To Ann - loved the itinerary and the commentary! SF is ALWAYS a sight for FUN eyes!

Much hugs - be sure to read my latest blog post about bootcamp AND if you've already read it, read it again. I revised it. Seriously has a better beat now! rbs

Randi said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun. You should call Sarah Bugden. I'm sure she's have some treasures of Sanfran to show you :) Have fun and see you soon!

Amy said...

I want to come with you next time! I can't think of anything more fun than spending time w/ you and Q in SF. I promise to bring stimulating conversation!!

Andria said...

Okay, Ann, now I feel the need to start checking prices for flights and hotels in San Francisco. I'm so jealous that you're there, but I hope you're finding all of the best food and that we'll hear more about it.