Friday, June 24, 2011

Dogs and Mimes

This is for Donna.

I've been looking for the dog with glasses but haven't found him. On the other hand, I've seen more mimes than is good for a person's mental health. They're all spray-painted silver and gold, and they perform robotic-like routines to funk. Technically I guess they're more like psuedo-mimes.

But still disturbing.


Louise Plummer said...

Is it possible that I've not been to San Fransisco in more than ten years?

Donna said...

OK, probably a good thing that the dogs with glasses are gone....strong union, better benefits elsewhere.
But the mimes... seriously? After awhile they creep me out.....
New Jersey people at the beach? Vacationing with my husband's that is interesting. When they start yelling duck, things start flying after the yelling starts

Donna said...

wait, don't yell duck....just I can't get this right