Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well, I'm pleased

That MODERN FAMILY won best comedy series. And what do you know? They managed to finish up the whole thing by 9:00?

Meanwhile, Sara Zarr is right. I oughta sign up for Twitter.


Lisa B. said...

LOVE Modern Family. Yay for it! even though I also love Big Bang Theory, which I assume was also nominated?

BBB said...

No, don't do it, don't sign up for Twitter! Lots of bloggers who do stop blogging and I love to come visit you here!

Glad MF won. Love, love, love. My mom was at the grocery store, on her cell phone with my sister when she dropped her keys into one of the those HUGE melon crates. She had to empty all the melons out to find the keys. It was a Modern Family moment. I mean seriously, is there a place you can send them ideas like that?