Sunday, August 29, 2010


Besides having an uber cool name, January Jones is talented and fabulously gorgeous. But this dress tonight? The bustier looks like that pair of blue Nike swim goggles I just bought at Big FIVE. (On sale!) (Score!) And the bell skirt looks like that big plastic collar thing my dogs wear when they're not supposed to lick their stitches.

Meanwhile Julia Ormand is kind of making me nervous. Like I just turned down the television sound because I started feeling a lot of sympathetic embarrassment for her when she totally forgot Catherine what's-her-name's name.


Josh and Kallie said...

Josh and I are now thinking about naming a daughter January.... what do you think? (hopefully she is born in March. HA!)

Josh and Kallie said...

Also! I love Tina Fey's Dress!(its really modest) She looks so pretty!