Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Something I already knew

Apparently I'm all about having to learn the same lessons again. And again. AND ALSO AGAIN. (Case in point: seriously do not let me drive your car anywhere because it'll just end up being towed.)

Here's the lesson I revisited this morning. A friend gave me a book to read by an author whom she loves because this author is so funny. And when I got online to read reviews, everyone raved about the author's sense of humor. So I read the novel with high hopes. And while I thought portions of it were amusing (and a lot of the book was really clever), the jokes kinda fell wide of the mark for me.

So. What do I take away from this? That I'm humor impaired? Or that all those reviewers are humor impaired?

Actually, I think the real point is that humor, ultimately, is super subjective. Not everyone loves the same funny cup of tea. This is a liberating thought for me personally, because sometimes when I write my column I feel the disapproval of readers who think I'm "annoying" as opposed to "entertaining." Reading the novel helped me gird up my loins and say (with feeling) "to each his own."

I'm always happy to hear about lessons you have to re-learn . . .


The Dixon Family said...

When my friends tell me something similar, I think it gets my expectations too high. I expect happy tears and stomach cramps--otherwise I feel disappointed. Now I'm wondering what you read!

Lisa B. said...

Lessons I have to re-learn from time to time:

1. Pop Tarts are good for children and children only.
2. Lucky Charms are good for children and children only.
3. Writing is hard, especially if you haven't been doing it for awhile.
4. Summer in Salt Lake City = soul-crushing road work.

Anne said...

What book was it???

Alec said...

The fact that "Two and a Half Men" is a popular TV show is a perfect example of this.

LucindaF said...

Girl, you and tow truck men. I think they sabotage your vehicles on purpose just so they can pick you up.

Note to Ken: Time to write up some legislation to keep suspicious tow truck men from your hot wife. She's very kidnappable. (Yeah, sorry Alec, I said your mom is hot. I'll add you to my therapy trust.)

Funny is very subjective. And so are Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts.