Friday, August 6, 2010

Audio Books

I've said this before, but I've recently discovered the pleasure of being read to again--listening to audio books reminds me of elementary school days when you'd run around at lunch hours playing kissing tag (HERE I COME, BOYS!) and then you'd go in and have the teacher read to you for twenty minutes while you put your hot, sweaty little fifth-grade face down on your desk while breathing in the aroma of newly sharpened pencils and erasers and crap like that.

Those were the days!

Anyway, I just finished listening to a hysterical performance of QUEEN CAMILLA by Sue Townsend. The book was overlong, perhaps, but when it comes to the royal family no one brings it like Sue Townsend. WAY TO GO, SUE TOWNSEND! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!

Now I'm listening to a David Baldacci thriller called SAVING FAITH, performed by your boyfriend and mine, Chris Noth (he of moody, broody LAW AND ORDER fame). I love me some Chris Noth but wow. When he tries to do the women's voices, I have to pull over, get out of the car, fall down on the nearest patch of grass and roll around while laughing hysterically. It's like watching all the football players dress up in drill team uniforms and do the jump splits during a pep assembly.

Thank you, Chris Noth. You've made me a happy, happy, happy girl.


Lisa B. said...

Oh, Chris Noth delicious. I have another friend who is wild for audio books. I will have to think about this.

wjmom said...

I didn't think I'd like audio books. I'm a quick reader, and I thought it would make me nutso to have to wait for someone to read to me. Wrong again (you'd think I'd get used to that)! Love them! Love. Them.

Hooray for wonderful readers!

Anonymous said...

I would DIE without audio books. DIE, I say. I am on the road a lot because I choose to live in the WAY western desert, and if not for audio books, I would ....

a) turn into a Road B***h from listening to talk radio
b) fall asleep listening to FM 100
c) crash and burn from talking on my cell phone while driving - I don't multiltask well.


p.s. I've blogged about being read to on my L2L blog and audio books on my "good seasons" blog. Just in case ... you know...

Donna said...

I love to have Michael Wilcox speak to me. Some talks are by men who should only speaking. But Michael Wilcox makes me feel like I can do it...
We all need a warm fuzzy....I so need one today.

Donna said...

Dear Ann:
I need to laugh...please write something hysterically funny to make me laugh.
It is your civic responsibility...
Much love,
from one of the needy

link2literacy said...


As I lounged on my deck Sunday evening, two dragonflies entered my garden and played dragonfly tag until I went to bed!

Just wondered if you sent them.

Thanks so much! :)