Saturday, August 14, 2010

Could this be dementia?

First, a word to my son. I'm sorry you were traumatized by the thought of me cooing sweet nothings to your dad while also being a mummy in the bathtub. I'll send you therapy money along with that USU alumni magazine that's sitting on the table in the hallway.

And now a word about the state of my brain. We came up here to Deer Valley for the retreat on Thursday night. Naturally we brought suitcases. Heavy ones. But do you know that somehow I only managed to pack basically ONE OUTFIT? So I am dashing around day after day in the same black Nike dri-fit pants.

On the other hand, I did manage to pack five pairs of shoes, because you know how it is. Maybe you'll want to wear running shoes with those Nike pants. Or flip-flops. Or possibly that pair of Keenes you wore all over France last summer (your dad has the exact same pair). Or maybe you'll want to wear elegant little black flats you bought at Tar-jay one day whilst you were feeling fancy. OR MAYBE YOU'LL EVEN WANT TO WEAR BROWN CLOGS WITH THOSE BLACK NIKE DRI-FIT PANTS because nothing says, "Dude I am a freaking rock star" like a pair of brown clogs.

Worn, of course, with Nike dri-fit.


Alec said...

I can only imagine how GOB felt on Arrested Development when he was slammed against the outside window of a conjugal trailer where his mom and dad were...nevermind.

On the whole Dri-Fit pants thing, don't worry. Maybe rather than thinking to themselves, "what a weirdo...she only brought one pair of pants," Dad's coworkers will think, "what a weirdo...she has several pairs of the exact same pants." That way they'll at least think your pants are clean.

Anne said...

I'm with Alec on that.

LucindaF said...

I love your brain. And your dri-fit nike pants.

This should have been the best excuse to go shopping. Of which I would've taken full advantage. And been frustrated that the only pants you can buy now are called, "Skinny". Which is not what they look like when they are on me.

Amy said...

I sense a commercial for Nike coming up soon yes?