Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shelf life

So I have this pattern. I discover a show and LOVE IT so much I want to marry it. But then, even though the quality remains high, I become less and less interested. And then I stop watching it altogether.

Examples? THE OFFICE and 30 ROCK. Unlike certain series that went dramatically downhill after the first season (remember MIAMI VICE), I think those shows still bring it week after week. But I kinda don't care anymore.

I hope I won't feel that way about MODERN FAMILY. And I hope MODERN FAMILY (in the words of all those characters in THE OUTSIDERS) stays gold.

PONYBOY: Stay gold, MODERN FAMILY! Stay gold!

On the other hand, I never did get tired of FRASIER. Or MAGNUM P.I.


Josh and Kallie said...

All good points! I love The Outsiders! (I need to make Josh read that someday) Ps We are watching the Emmy's about 30 min behind you and WOW I am loving reading your blog at the same time. You're my favorite!

Annika said...

I don't think I can ever get tired of modern family. When I broke my hand all I could do was watch it and I watched the first 17 episodes 3 times in a week. I still like them!