Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well played, WJHS

Spent part of the day at West Jordan High judging a poetry slam, and may I say I think that school has a really nice vibe? And may I also say students who get up and read their poems in front of fellow students are brave and fabulous? I would have marched into the nearest bathroom and given myself a swirly before doing that in high school.

On a related note, walking through the cafeteria on the way to the auditorium reminded me again of how terrifying adolescence can be. I felt fourteen again. Except that now I have stretch marks.

Congratulations to Amy and Andria and the English faculty at WJHS for sponsoring such a terrific event.


Erin said...

That sounds like fun. Not the being 14 again part, the part about seeing a poetry slam.

LucindaF said...

Cafeteria's are triggers. It can all come back in that place.
How fun for you. And how lucky for those kids to have you there.

p.s. cool people have stretch marks.

p.b.s. I would've loved a poetry slam in h.s. Especially since I was pretty good at wrestling.
Read my poem, and then slam all the sucka's to the mat.

Oh to be an angry youth again.

Amy Jo Lavin said...

Thank you for helping us out! We have a lot of fun with the poetry slam every year, and we enjoyed having you with us today!

Andria said...

Thank you, Ann!

Kerri said...

What I think is not fair is being almost 3 times 14, but still sometimes feeling the same kind of awkward as 14. Also having stretch marks AND zits. That's totally not fair.

wjmom said...

Ann!? You were at WJHS? Lucky lady! I'll have to ask our kids if they got to come. Tay was a slammin' success at the slam last year.

Go, Jags!

P.S. Lucinda--thanks for validating me. I have stretch marks = I AM COOL!

Lisa B. said...

I have judged that very slam. And also, it was awesome. And high school is the most terrifying place on earth, perhaps second only to junior high/middle school. Okay, every year in the "Most Terrifying Place on Earth" contest, they switch places, 1 and 2. Every year.

One of the things that tickled me to death about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that the high school was directly over a Hellmouth. That is the truth.

link2literacy said...

ANN!!!! I am judging on Friday afternoon - the FINALS! Omigosh, Amy and Andria are my colleagues/friends. I didn't know they "followed" you until the other day when I saw a comment from Amy.

Thank you so much for supporting Jordan School District this year with the WJHS's Slam and Valley's BookAffair. You are just too AWESOME. And had I known you were there today, I would have ditched my workshop and stopped by.


Amelia said...

Props to my HS for being so awesome.

BTW, when I went to Miriam's school for the first time, the cafeteria smelled exactly the same. Like spagetti and wet mops. Some things never change, evenin the UK!

Tiffany said...

How cool! I have a special spot in my heart for WJHS; my dearly departed father-in-law was the principal there years ago. He loved that school so!

And I agree with LucindaF--cool people have stretch marks!

Valynne said...

Wow, those are some brave kids.