Friday, April 23, 2010

California, here we come

Ken and I are taking off in a minute for Fremont CA where we will enjoy attending an open house for our newly married boy and his bride. Julie's mother asked with concern if I'd ever driven across Nevada before because as everyone knows you can fly to Mars and back in the time it takes you to drive across Nevada via I-80.

I told her yes. I'm very, very, VERY familiar with this drive. As some of you know, my dad used to take me and my brothers once a year to his dentist buddy who lived in Walnut Creek. Devan did our teeth for free on Sunday afternoons under a single naked light bulb. Every now and then he would say, "You. Spit now." That was our cue to hang our heads over a sink with non-running water and spit out whatever had collected in our throats. And then it was back under the single naked light bulb for another go around.

At least that's how I remember it.


Lisa B. said...

HILARIOUS. Oh, the comedy inherent in dentistry.

I hope you have a little bit of fun on this trip (not that a wedding reception isn't fun . . .). I kind of like the Nevada landscape, but it's a long stretch. On the other hand, you can drive fast.

In re-reading this comment, I find that I have residual bitterness about two things: dental work and wedding receptions. Or is that one thing, manifested two ways? File under: think about this some more.

ed elliott said...

Ann, so glad I found you.
I've been counseled by my Christian mentor to write. I told him over & over that I am a technical writer in computer environments 40 hours a week and don't want to write after all that grueling writing. BUT, I've decided to start (at age 58) to begin using my spare time (which is more than most people since I have an excellent wife and grown children) and NO hobbies to speak of. Anyway, I came across your 7 principles article in WRITER via EBSCOhost and love the wisdom in it. You are in my WRITING Google Reader folder. Perhaps I'll attach the outline I'm writing from: 10 things Christ is doing RIGHT now at the RIGHT hand of God.

LucindaF said...

You can take me anywhere with your writing. Beautiful little snippet. So talented.

You be safe my little road-tripper.

Kerry said...

Don't speed near Elko! They must be short on cash because they will give you a ticket for ANYTHING lately. (I got one for going 5 over the speed limit. Steve got one because he didn't see that they secretly changed the speed limit to 65 in a really, really not visible sign. They were like $200 each. Gah.)

Louise Plummer said...

I love driving through Nevada. Tom and I play this game, "What if God said you had to live there?" and point to some dry crackling wasteland. "What would you do?"

Answer: Have a swimming pool, learn to ride and take care of a horse. Order lots of catalogs. Buy a Kindle.

You were abused as a child. You've got it made. You can write one of those abuse stories and chat with Oprah. Maybe they'll invite your dad too and you and he could yell at each other. Fabulous.

CSIowa said...

I think I've only driven across Nevada on I-80 a couple of times, and not for many years. But I've driven across Nebraska on I-80 MANY times. I think it's longer than going through Nevada. Plus, the grade of the road makes it impossible to use cruise control effectively. At least there's the exciting prospect of stopping at Cabela's in Kearney so your husband can look at gear and your kids can look at dead animals and live fish. That probably beats the desert in Nevada, but it does slow the trip some.

Bon voyage!

whirligigdaisy said...

I live in Wyoming now. The drive is desolate. And they'll also give you tickets for going 5 over the speed limit. I think it's because everyone is out of cash. Have fun.