Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's Wednesday?

Not only haven't I blogged all week, I haven't even written a column. WHICH WAS DUE MONDAY. What's my deal? (Answer: I don't know what my deal is.)

So. Anyway. I better get busy. But before I do I want to mention a book I read this weekend called THE STRANGE CASE OF ORIGAMI YODA by Tom Angleberger (I almost said Origami Yoga there--another bit of evidence to support the idea my brain is not firing on all its pistons today). Anyway. It's a terrific middle-grade novel for boys (and maybe even girls, too). It's about a clueless boy named Dwight who never gets any attention from peers until he starts wearing a "magic" paper puppet on his finger.

The chapters are "case studies" written by different kids whose problems are somehow solved by Yoda (or solved by Yoda they were). It's very funny. And sweet. And I'm buying copies for me and my nephews.

But first a column I have to write. And a cupcake I must eat.


Kerry said...

OMG, it's Wednesday?!


Andria said...

Yay! It's Wednesday! Only two more days until I can relax. And read.

LucindaF said...

Take a nap, I must.
Children who thwart naps, I have.
Cupcakes to eat, I want.

Too far away, Friday is.

Love Ann Cannon, I do.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

I had a lost week....spent the week at the doctors with my daughters, alternately..simultaneously...oh, my gosh.
more on that later....but I had the most profound experience last night..I came home from my planning meeting and just sat on my couch. I did write it read about it if you can...I am still reeling.