Thursday, July 2, 2009

Watch out what you wish for

So way back last winter, I posted about dreams and how I wasn't having them anymore and also how SAD this made me because I think writers should dream vigorously and pay attention while they're doing it. And many of you offered suggestions about how I could up my dream quotient, including Kerry who suggested I break something because pain helps trigger dreams. Apparently that's why I broke MY WRIST. Thank you very much for the suggestion, Kerry!

Anyhoo! I did dream twice last night. Here's what I dreamed:

1) I dreamed I was telling a really long story to a group of people and realized halfway into it that I was being comletely boring.

2) I dreamed that I noticed a boy in a cast whose upper arm was as flabby as mine because his muscles had atrophied, too.

These are the kind of dreams I put into a category called GRUBBY LITTLE DREAMS. Included (for me) in this category are dreams where I try on swimsuits and the sales clerks laugh at me or where I step into sprinkler holes and trip in front of my old junior high school.

Meanwhile, Stephenie Meyer dreams about golden, glistening vampires swirling about in meadows.


Kerry said...

gah! Did I really suggest you break something?!

Lately I keep thinking that I remember my dreams only to find out, no, that really happened. (Ambien. Good times.)

LucindaF said...

Reunion = Self Consciousness

You're gorgeous, you're a genius, and you're going to have a great time.

Trying on swimsuits is a recipe for depression no matter who you are.

I've read all of your books, I've never read one by Stephenie Meyer, so my personal statistics are in your favor 100%.

Margy said...

Ugh. I did try on a swim suit today. If a clerk had been there she would have laughed.

Margy said...

Oh, and just like Lucinda I've read your books but not Stephenie Meyer's.

Louise Plummer said...

Dream #1 is a nightmare. Dream #2 is grubby.

Lisa B. said...

That name--grubby little dreams--is perfect. Ugh. And they do make you feel kind of like that--grubby and little.

Randi said...

Ha ha ha! You are hilarious Ann.

jen said...

Speaking of dreams.. had one last night, but his part is real...sent Ms off on Wed. The dream: Nice editor I sent it too said, "your voice is nice, but..." and then she told me all the things she hated about it, then morphed into an editor who I know who is notoriously MEAN...and then we were sitting in New Jersey on the set of The Real Housewives...ugh. Grubby grubby.