Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dreaming redux

So I'm still trying to capture my dreams in the belief that remembering them will somehow help me as a writer EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SUCH STUPID DREAMS. The good news is I dreamed last night that Gwyneth Paltrow e-mailed me because she likes my column! The bad news is I forgot to answer her!

This dream started out well--but turned grubby quickly.


Kerry said...

last night I dreamed that I used my hypnotic mind powers to take over the second floor of a pentecostal church. then I somehow ended up in someone else's wedding ceremony and was promised to the head of the catholic mafia as a mistress. dream ended there, unfortunately... oh, wait, maybe I became a sleuthing crime fighter for half a second before heading back to mafia headquarters... ;-)

ps: on ambien right now. so writing THIS will be what I think is tomorrow's dream. wooeeee.

Lisa B. said...

Listen, while I was reading that Elmore Leonard novel, which featured Jack Foley from Out of Sight, who was played by George Clooney in one of his best performances EVER, I had a dream, I'm pretty sure, with George C. in it. That's not a bad night of dreaming, no matter how it turned out. Unfortunately I can't remember what happened--I only remember waking up and saying to my husband, "I'm pretty sure I dreamed about George Clooney," and we both laughed.