Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What the well-dressed writer is wearing

It's my 35th high school reunion on Friday, and the only goal I made for myself was NOT to buy something at Chico's, because I know a whole boatload of people who make fun of middle aged ladies who buy their clothes at Chico's. Except somehow it was the first place I ended up. Also the last place. Read between the lines.

Dude. Pass me the estrogen and turn on the Oprah Show because. I. Am. There.

Did I mention I had an excellent turkey/cranberry sandwich at Hires the other day? WHO KNEW?


Lisa B. said...

Funny! I was just looking at the announcement for the 35th reunion and thinking, oh well, not going. Which I'm not. But I hope you have a good time, and I am sure you'll look fabulous. And listen: stretchy is where it is at. Let's all admit it and move right on. Next?

Lisa B. said...

. . . and by "the 35th reunion" I mean, of course, MY 35th reunion. In California. Not YOUR 35th, because besides you, no one would even know who I was.

LucindaF said...

You know, I think I enjoy your labels as much as your posts.

When you say "stretchy pants" you must say it in your best Jack Black/Nacho Libre accent.

Maybe I am too focused on my stretchy pants.

BTW: Good thing you're a rich and famous author, because eating out seems to be your favorite and best.
Again with the jealous eye rolling. (Not on the famous and rich part, on the good food part.)

LucindaF said...

P.S. I think you should wear a batters glove in honor of Michael to the reunion.

Louise Plummer said...

There are much worse places than Chicos. There are worse places than middle age. The Nampa Inn springs up immediately.

Say hi to your old prom date.

link2literacy said...

ANN! I was so excited to see that you commented on my "school district" blog! People rarely comment, so it's such a treat, AND your sweet compliment is greatly appreciated! One of my dreams/goals is to attend the writers' conference at BYU, so I can meet and work with you and others like Louise Plummer. I've read your YA novels and Louise's as well. My students and I enjoyed them VERY much. I read Cameron aloud to my 7th graders not many years after you wrote it - back when you were A.E. Cannon. : )

I would LOVE to have you speak to the members of the Jordan Council of the International Reading Association (JCIRA)if you would be interested. I even have a topic I'd like you to address: teachers as writers! I'd love to see more teachers get published. What do you think?

Thanks again, for taking time to read my blog and for saying hello!


Bob the Woodworker said...

Ann looked great at the 35th high school reunion. She also wowed everyone there with her part of the program. She also affected a good Jack Black/Nacho Libre accent, which was a nice touch.