Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Column idea

Sometimes I think it would be interesting to do a column on the things we're secretly embarrassed about when it comes to ourselves. But okay. That would be TOO EMBARRASSING, because then I would have to write a column about how I somehow have three cats living at my house now.

Three cats isn't exactly over the top. Yet. But it's an alarming trend.

On the food front . . . if you love southern barbeque, then grab a loved one (or me) and go to Pat's Barbeque at 155 West Commonwealth in Salt Lake City. Commonwealth is one of those little city side streets where people take their cars to have body work done. But don't be put off. I have never had better southern soul food--not even at Sylvia's in New York. Plus they had a video of a Black Crowes concert going on the whole time, which gave me ample opportunity to point and tell my son that the lead singer used to be married to Kate Hudson. Which he would already know if only he read STAR Magazine.


LucindaF said...

So you're practically a crazy cat lady.
To me, that just adds to the Ann Cannon flava.

My secret embarassment? Nothing cool like harboring enough animals for the next flood.

Mine would have to be music related. I have a personal rebellion against American Idol, but I secretly love to listen to Kelly Clarkson.
I have also listened to Yanni, which by all accounts is embarassing.

Sara Z. said...

3 cats isn't much until you reveal all of the OTHER animals also living at your house.

I share the Kelly Clarkson embarrassment.
Also I have paid good money for Avril Lavigne songs.
I still cry almost every time I watch Little House on the Prairie.
Though I consider myself a foodie, I've never had a fresh apricot, and have a bag of them sitting in my fridge right now and I'm scared to try one.

Lisa B. said...

Sara Z., apricots are one of God's greatest joys, but it took me awhile to realize this. I hope yours are ripe. You can tell if they smell fruity. IF they're not, you can turn them into a tart or jam.

There's a certain Kelly Clarkson song that gives me chills. This is hard for me to admit, so thank you, ladies, for paving the way.

That song by Hanson--MmmmmBop? I love that song.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy seeing comments from favorite novelists/bloggers/shortstory-ists/humans' (Sara Z) posted on my other favorite novelists'/bloggers'/essayists'/columnits'/humans' blogs. I attempt to be one of the above, but am seriously contemplating leaving that behind to become a professional "commentor". It's fun feeding off other authors' writing and doesn't take nearly as much effort, although it is very time-consuming!

Have a great day, Ann and Sara.

Kerri said...

I also cry for almost every Little House on the Prairie episode. My family laughs at me, but I can't help it. My tear ducts are just built that way.

Another embarrassment: I can down way more food than is seemly.